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Serving distributors since 1996. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.















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HQ: Orlando,FL (HQ); Distribution Offices: Kissimmee,FL - Denver,CO - Houston,TX - Richmond,VA -  Memphis,TN - Detroit,MI - Yonker,NY - Atlanta,GA - Chicago,IL

PH: 407-382-7888  FAX:407-273-9888   info@thephonecards.com


The Company Profile:

The TPC is the largest wholesaler and manufacturer of prepaid phone cards in USA. TPC delivers service to each and every part of the United States. Head Quartered in Orlando, TPC was formed in 1996. TPC has high reputation and is recognized by consumers. TPC sells the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers (wholesalers, distributors and .com companies) - providing 100% Guarantee on all the cards. In United States, TPC has multi offices.


TPC a is major distributor of prepaid phone cards, wireless cards and pin-less programs. The Prepaid phone cards can be found in retail Locations nationwide including Disney Resorts and gift shops, AM/PM Mini Market, Amoco/BP, Texaco, Chevron, Citgo, Hess, Mobil, Shell etc locations.. Over the years, our distributors, retailers and consumers have relied on us to provide dependable products at competitive prices. TPC wholesales/distributes over 50 different types of phone cards issued from over 10 telecommunications carriers, including over 50 private label cards. With the exceptions of the private label phone cards, which TPC prints and activates itself, TPC purchases pre-printed, pre-activated phone cards from each of the applicable telecommunications carriers and distributes the cards through its network of  independent distributors.


The Company has earned the reputation for providing high quality service to our customers and their needs. Our commitment to superior service is one of the TPC�s highest priority.


President, Dolly Patel



TPC Disclaimer: TPC Orlando and its Independent Franchise Offices are the Distributor of this calling card and it markets, advertises and sells this product based upon limited information provided to it by the Network Service Provider (NSP). Application of NSP surcharges and fees have the effect of reducing total minutes on the card. Please read the NSP terms and conditions carefully. Minutes are set and given by NSP may change their discretion and without notice. TPC is not liable for any services provided by NSP including but not limited to: rate changes, minutes determination, service fees of any kind, destination charges, call completion or other items that are within control of the NSP. All customer service related issues should be directed to the NSP Customer Service phone number available on back of each card. The card does not have cash value and it is non-refundable, not returnable. TPC is not responsible for lost, stolen or unauthorized use of this card. This card may be deactivated without advance notice if fraud or theft is suspected.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee