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Credit Card Processing


Excellent for any business that accepts MC, VISA, AMX, Discover

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  1. Interchange rates are pass thru to Retail store

  2. To get competitive rates please scan and email location's last 2 months statements and we will the analyze the statement as attached and BEAT the rates. Please allow 24 hours for analysis.

  3. To sign up an account, Please fill out the Location Application and email to info@NationalBoss.com or fax to 407-273-9888

  4. Credit card processing company will choose one of the Fees Schedule A that saves money to your retailer

  5. Transaction report and commissions provided quarterly  to all distributors/agents.

  6. The Credit Card Processing Company will keep 30% of the profit and pass on 70% profit to NationalBoss. NationalBoss will pass on 50% of the profit of NationalBoss to Distributor and will keep 20%.

  7. Trans Payment will reprogram the existing terminal or retailer can purchase New terminals and if needed.

  8. Check Terminal & Payment Detail if needed.




Please allow 7 to 10 days for approval process. To know the status, email to info@NationalBoss,com