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1) Power Balance - we will ship you 8 pieces of each XS, S, and M per store - total 24 pieces.

2) Assemble Power Balance box and put it on store counter and put 24 Power Balance pieces in the box

3) Take the picture of Power Balance box and email to tinopatel@skytelecom.com with store name

4) Recommended selling price - DVD $12.99 to $14.99

5) 60 days later Do the account with store and pick up unsold Power Balance and get paid for location placement. Collect and Pay for any sold quantity at $7.50 each..

6) To reorder - email or call your rep at 407-382-7888







Power balancing has become a very well known science of healing these days among many people across the world. The power balance bands are made from metal and come with rubber or nylon bracelets. The bracelet contains frequencies of harmonic proportion which create relation between the frequencies of the human body and the surrounding environment. they help in restoring the right king of energy to the body and also helps in enhancing performances. The energy balancing property of this band has made it more popular among the masses.

Those who are sporting the power balance bands are experiencing a lot of health
benefits. The bracelet guides them to concentrate and improve the balance in their bodies. Those suffering from balancing problems are also finding relief in their day to day activities. The power in these bracelets has been felt by those using it. Not only the common man, many celebrities are also spotted wearing the bands.

The most popular celebrity who wears the power balance bands without fail is basket ball player, Shaquille O' Neal. He has been seen wearing them at all his matches. He says that the band makes him feel focussed and able to balance his game well. Many pictures are floating on the net which show Shaquille O Neal with the power balance band. He says " I usually do not believe in such sciences, but this works wonderfully for me".

The next popular celebrity who flaunts the power balance band is Formula 1 racer, Rubens Barichello. He claims that he first wore the bracelet at a race that he won. Since then , he has been seen sporting the band at many of his races. Testimonials like this have helped many people shift to the power balancing techniques.

David Beckham is the other very famous footballer who loves to wear his power balance band at all times. He was snapped wearing four of them recently, causing his healing powers to work four times faster than normal. Christiano Ronaldo, the world's costliest football player also has the power balance bands on him every time during the matches. Also, footballer Brendon Fevola and and basketballer Andrew Bogut, all have tried out the healing of power balance bands. More than half of the AFL team has been seen wearing the band. NRL player Benji Marshall, is a lover of the power balance band. Also Surfers Nick Fanning and Andy Irons have found an improvement in their balance and find themselves mroe centered on the surfing boards while they are at sea.

Apart from the sporting celebs, there are quite a few actors who have taken to the healing charms of power balancing. Inception star Leonardo Di Caprio has been wearing the bands for a long time now. He finds himself able to last long through tough shooting schedules and hectic time durations. Gerard Butler and Robert Di Niro are also firm believers in the effectiveness of the bands.

Pop artist P Diddy, shows off his power balance bands on the stage during his performances. He is said to have experienced an energy boost while performing shows when he wore the band. Apart from these celebrities, Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William, was also seen wearing the band while watching the brothers play Polo recently. Famous and controversial celebs, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have also been clicked wearing power balance bands. TV show, The Biggest Loser trainer, Shannan Ponton says, "the band is an athletes blessing".

The power balance bands comes at a very low price compared to the celebrities high
lifestyles. Priced at $30, the band is way to inexpensive for them to have. The fact that the product delivers what it promises is obvious going by the number of people trying them on. Apart from the health benefits that the band possess, the band has an attractive and aesthetic appeal to it. It has become a statement of fashion and style among many. It is a very nice gifting idea as it helps to draw out the personality of the user and exude an aura that is different from the others. It is known to be a drawer of luck and promotes health. The other reason why the power balance bands are so appealing to everybody is that they are not made for a specific gender. Men, women, young or old can wear the band and experience therapeutic effects. The world is loving the fact that the product does not have to consider gender stereotypes.

The uniqueness of the power balance bands also makes it a special item that draws celebrities towards it. The band can be personalized as per the preferences of the celeb, and he or she can make a statement in their own way. Color, style, design, and embelishments can be added to make the bracelet attractive and different from the others. Using the bracelet signifies that you care for your well being and want to enhance your agility, well being,flexibility and strength. Your natural energies also are improved by using the power balance band. The secret lies in the special hologram which is set into a silicone band. The hologram attracts the natural frequencies and keeps away the stagnant energy that blocks negative frequencies. This allows free flow of energy in and out of the body.