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We do it all - Service, Installation, Maintenance, Delivery, Collection.... etc


1) Please fill out Location Agreement and W-9 form  (please fax or email the form)

2) Please allow 30 days for approval process and 30 days for  installation.

3) Rep/Distributor gets $50 sign up fee for approved location. Please see and Please fill out Distributor Agreement for how you can make residual income.

4) Marketing info - specs and flyer front flyer back





Features and Protocols for Glacier Vending Machines and Services


Operate and service 20,000+ coin and non-coin machines - 5 times more than our closest competitor

o Nationwide operation

o 25+ years of experience and expertise

o Operate almost 5,000 inside non-coin machines

o Operate 15,000+ coin machines


Handheld technology to drive accurate information and insure highest quality product


Service provided by highly trained company employees no less frequently than every 14 days

o No subcontracted service technicians


History of high quality, great tasting water

o 6 step purification process including:


  1. Activated Carbon- for chlorine and odors

  2. Micron Filtration-for dirt and other particles

  3. Ultraviolet Light-disinfects

  4. Reverse Osmosis-for dissolved solids

  5. Post Carbon Filtration-improves taste

  6. Ultraviolet Light-disinfection repeated to insure safe, high quality water


All equipment NAMA Certified


Purity Guard: trademarked sensor to take machine out of service if water quality falls below Glacier standards


24 hour/7day customer service department to receive and dispatch service calls


Next day service call closure commitment


Staffed bottle department to provide bottles via DSD or warehouse


 Container sizes include 1, 3 and 5 gallon


Equipment designed, built and serviced by Glacier



The Approval Process

Once application is submitted, Glacier account manager will visit each location submitted to accomplish several functions.

1) Evaluate the competitive landscape to determine the retail price that will be placed on the machine

2) Determine if there is another Glacier machine in the close proximity

3) Complete a survey form that specifies where utility connections are located and recommends specific placement location at the site

4) Review needed documents to establish the account to see if  necessary information is completely filled out, i.e. Fed Tax ID numbers, complete street numbers, postal codes etc.

5) Based upon his visit and evaluation of each location, our account management team will either complete a survey form recommending an install or based on internal protocols, recommend we not install a specific location.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for approval process. To know the status, email to info@NationalBoss,com