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1) Distributor Agreement (Fill this form out to become ATM Distributor) and W-9 form



National Terminal Services


New locations and over 100 transaction


1) Marketing Flyer - Print and Give to all the stores

2) Please fill out Location Agreement for the location and W-9 form for the location and ATM ACH form for the location (Retailers commission will be directly deposited). We do everything, store provides space and power. Distributor gets $50 sign up fee for approved location and 5% Commission per transactions. (Distributor gets commission 30 days after ATM is installed). 


$2.50 surcharge per transaction will be charged and store gets $1.00


** If you need processing only Agreement

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Please allow 7 to 10 days for approval process. To know the status, email to info@skytelecom,com


*Stores will get commission from  NTS (National Terminal Services) with transaction report.